date : 2024.6

outline :日本におけるデフォルメは、中世・近代の戯画や風刺画、現代のマンガやゲームのドット絵のように、古代から現代に至るまで多くの芸術形式に見られる。

「THE BEER」は普段見慣れた缶ビールをモチーフに、超低解像度に表現されたラベル集である。30×30ピクセルのドット*のみでラベルを表現し、物理的な具現化の制約としてニットを取り上げ、1ピクセルを1目として編み機を用いてハンドメイドで制作されている。



Deformation in Japan can be seen in many artistic forms from ancient to modern times, such as medieval and modern caricatures and satirical drawings, as well as contemporary manga and pixel art in games. The numerous deformation techniques in Japan that capture and exaggerate or simplify features align with the cultural characteristic of Japanese visual arts, which emphasizes emotional expression and storytelling. This seems to be a natural progression.

As a paradoxical question, how well do we, who excel at ambiguous and abstract communication, understand the shapes, colors, and text of the “things” we see in our daily lives? Or are we aware of how much bias is influenced by the environment and relationships of these “things”?

“THE BEER” is a collection of labels inspired by familiar canned beer, expressed in ultra-low resolution. The labels are represented solely by 30×30 pixels* and are physically embodied through knitting, with each pixel represented by a single stitch, handmade using a knitting machine.

What resolution of pixels do you need to perceive the world?

(*Due to the characteristics of the knitting machine, the vertical resolution is doubled, making it 30×60 stitches)

この作品はFukuoka Art Book Fair 2024 Takramブースにて展示販売しています。

genre : art

team : cutarena, tanoilog

materials : Cotton

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